Skullcandy and DIY host #STAYLOUD gig on site of Hammersmith Palais

DIY was media partner for the event and Sonic Media Group were used to amplify the content across our digital network of partner sites.

Peace played an intimate gig at site of the Hammersmith Palais (the venue The Clash talk about in their song, fact fans – home to countless brilliant gigs back in the day when west London was the place to be) for DIY and Skullcandy, as part of the latter’s European #STAYLOUD series that will celebrate the memory of once great music venues in London, Paris and Berlin.

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Watch the film from the event (below), which sees DIY’s Birmingham favourites doing what they always do – ­causing a sweat­-lined frenzy ­in a completely different kind of space.

There were four stages to the campaign;

First, a competition run on and on social media to win tickets to the intimate and unusual gig, secondly a report from the live event with a professional photogallery and, third, a retrospective account of the campaign, sharing the Skullcandy film.

The final stage was the Sonic Cascade format (below) that starts as a masthead and rolls down the page to reveal the full event poster and Skullcandy film, which is running across DIY and selected Sonic partner sites.