Latitude 2014 x DIY

We love Latitude. A festival, in a forest, by a lake, with multicoloured sheep – it’s a magical realm full of amazing bands and once in a life time experiences. As the official music media parter of the 2014 edition of the festival, DIY conceptualised, planned and put into place a comprehensive cross platform content campaign across a period of six months to raise awareness and excitement amongst readers.

How Latitude 2014 went down...

Before the festival

In the six months running up to the festival, DIY ran multiple features across print and digital formats – both directly around the event and with artists who would be playing. From announcements of new acts through to in depth features with bands, each was post-fixed with information about the festival and details of how to get tickets, driving both awareness and ticket sales.

Over 200 pages of Latitude related content ran in the lead up to 2014’s event.

During the festival

DIY took a full team of writers, photographers and videographers to Latitude 2014, reporting, shooting and interviewing across all four days of the event. All this content, along with the pieces published before the event, were gathered together in a Latitude hub on the new website – updated live across the weekend.

DIY also handed out 5,000 free magazines and 1,000 DIY tote bags to festival goers, and provided a Music Journalism Masterclass in the Inbetweeners’ Area.

Visit the Latitude 2014 hub

After the festival

After the festival DIY took the material gathered over the weekend and ran a seven page review in the August 2014 issue of the magazine, as well as numerous interviews and news stories sourced at the event, giving added visibility for Latitude 2014 as the first tickets for the 2015 event went on sale.