DIY have launched ‘Do It Yourself’ Music Education edition

DIY have launched ‘Do It Yourself’ Music Education edition

DIY have launched ‘Do It Yourself’ Music Education edition

DIY have put together an 84-page education supplement – Do It Yourself –, tangible advice to young artists and industry prospects. A key part of Do It Yourself is ‘Laying The Foundations’, which addresses how to build a team around you and who to recruit to allow your first steps to make the most impact. This section covers management, booking agents, publishers, legal services, recording studios and producers.
The Education Guide includes a series of case studies and testimonials from members across the music industry, detailing their own experiences while offering advice to those wishing to embark upon a career in the industry.

Other areas that the DIY Education Guide explores include:

Sell Yourself: How to deal with marketing and how to effectively build your brand. This section covers: Publicity, radio pluggers, social media experts and personal brand.

On The Road: Offering an insight into life as a touring artist, and the mechanics of putting on a live show. This section covers: Tour management, sound and lighting technicians, independent venues, promoters, backline providers, festival owners and merchandise.

Signing The Deal: Providing some key info on the runnings of independent labels, whilst offering an insight into how the major label machine can also work for you. This section covers: Independent labels, major labels and their extensions, distributors, pressing and production houses.

Ride The Hype: How to use the media to your advantage. This section covers: Music magazines, radio stations, blogs and tastemakers.

Cash In The Bank: Where to look for finances if a traditional structure is not possible or in place for you as an artist. This section covers: Funders and brands who have a keen interest in supporting music.

Education, Education, Education: How to further your personal education with music and where to seek support should you need it. This section covers: Colleges, universities and courses available for music education and charities who are able to support young artists.

You can grab a copy here